Unfortunately, your family was not chosen...

I have heard these words twice now and once again the tears are falling.  I will say it was a bit easier this time.  This sweet little girl is going to an awesome Christian family who has been struggling with infertility for years.  Today their dreams of being parents has come true.  Today another fatherless child has found her forever family.  Each time we go through this process I am definitely humbled and finding the true meaning of dying to self.  I wont lie and say it doesn't hurt.  I wont lie and say I don't ask God why this is happening.  The reality is, it's all about these precious little souls that need a loving, Godly family to raise them.  That is the bottom line.  Our little girl is out there.  The Lord knows when she will join our family and we just have to trust that HIS timing is PERFECT!  To God be the glory always.  Congratulations to a wonderful couple!


Phone interview and committee

Our phone interview for baby girl is on Wednesday at 11:30 Hawaii time and committee will meet on Thursday at 10:00am PST (7am HST).  I am asking for all my wonderful prayer warriors to be in prayer for us, for the other family involved, and for this precious little girl. 
We truly feel this little girl is a perfect fit for our family but God may have other plans.  I know HIS plans are perfect even if we don't see it at the time.  I am willing to go through many heartbreaks to bring another blessing into our home.  I believe whole heartedly that this is the path the Lord is leading us down and in the end there will be one less "fatherless" child in this world and one more precious blessing in our arms. 


2 files, 2 precious souls...

Long time no blog!  Sorry, life gets a little busy around here at times. :)  So, adoption news...

We are currently viewing the files of two precious little darlings from the waiting child photo listing.  Yes, I know, we said we wouldn't do the committee thing again...that was before we saw these sweet little faces staring back at us.  On October 3rd we received the file of a sweet little girl with significant special needs.  We met with a specialist and we sent a list of questions and requests to our agency.  This information could take a while to get back to us and in the meantime we have been praying about how this decision will affect our family.  Yesterday, October 11th (my daughter's birthday) another little beauty popped up on the photo listing.  After reading a little about her I was quite shocked to see her on there.  Her needs seemed fairly minor (compared to most on the photo listing).  A few hours after seeing her I requested her file and received it VERY quickly.  I was also informed shortly after that there are two other families viewing her file as well.  I immediately felt a pit in my stomach...can we really do this again???
Yes, we can.  These children need families and how awesome to see that they are wanted by so many!  So, we will seek a medical professional once again and decide whether or not to proceed with baby girl #2.  I am also praying that the information for baby girl #1 will come in soon so we can make a decision about her as well.  This will be a tough few weeks, but in the end, Lord willing, 2 little girls will have their forever family.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue this journey with open hearts and open minds, allowing the Lord to guide us every step of the way.