Financial Disclosure

You hear it all the time, adoption, especially international, is expensive. But how expensive?  Why all the fundraisers?  What exactly am I donating to?

Below is a list of all the fees associated with our adoption.  I say our adoption because it is different for everyone.  International or domestic, what country, how many children, what agency, what state, etc.  All these things affect the cost of adoption.  The fees in red are what we still owe, plus our travel expenses.

Home study fee:  $2000
Adoption classes:  $150
Background clearances/finger printing:  $150 (We needed clearances for 3 different states)
Application fee to our first agency (Korea program):  I think this was $150, not refunded.
Application fee to our current agency:  $350
Administration fee (dossier prep.):  $750 1st child and $500 2nd child
Agency fee 1:  $2000 1st child, $1500 2nd child
I-600A filing fee:  $720
Biometric fingerprinting fee:  $170 (total for both of us)
Visa fee:  $200 (for Travis and I)  $120 (Jake and Lauren)
Passports for 2 kids and 2 adults:  $480
In-country processing:  $3000 1st child, $3000 2nd child
Agency fee 2:  $2000 1st child, $1500 2nd child
Child documentation and legal fees:  $3500 1st child, $3500 2nd child (Still owe $600 of this)
Charitable donation:  $1500 1st child, $1500 2nd child
Agency fee 3:  $3000 1st child, $1000 2nd child
Visa medical examination x 2:  $400
Children's visa fee x 2:  $608

Travel costs are hard to estimate.  Travis and I plan to take advantage of military perks and fly space a as far as we can get.  Right now we are estimating about $900 per ticket to get to Ghana.  Our hotels should run us approximately $500-$600 while we are in Ghana the first trip, less than that the second trip.  Add food, transportation and spending money.  Plus plane tickets for trip #2 which will be VERY high since 3 of us will be traveling from Hawaii and then tickets to bring two kiddos home.  I guesstimate travel expenses to be roughly $10,000-$15,000.

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