3 months...

Do you ever open up your email and get butterflies every time you see a certain name?  Right now that is what happens whenever I see the name K***** M*****, our social worker.  Now, she doesn't always bring good news but it still brings a smile to my face, my heart skips a beat, and those butterflies kick in when I see her name in my inbox.  You see, when you have been waiting this long to bring home a child/ren you have never touched, hugged, kissed, or talked to...every bit of news is exciting.  Today, I received 2 emails.  The first one was letting me know KM had received the rest of the paperwork we needed to complete our dossier.  And, just to show you how awesome our SW is....the next email, a couple hours later said this:  "And it's off to Ghana!"
The pic of our dossier KM sent with her last email. :-)

It is an amazing thing when 5 simple words can completely make my day, can make me smile every time I think of them, give me butterflies every time I think of what they mean.
So, you may be thinking, what do they mean?  Simply put, I get to see my babies soon!  The more complex answer...this packet of papers, a biography of sorts, is on it's way to our POA in Ghana.  Our POA will take this packet to the regional director (have no idea who this guy, or girl, is!) in Volta, which is the region of Ghana our children are in.  This director person will process everything (whatever that means) and issue us a court date.  At that time our agency will call or email us to see if the court date will work for us.  If it will (I can't imagine it won't), then we start making our travel arrangements!  Unfortunately there is no clear timeline for this process(HA!  Like that is a shock!).  It can be anywhere from 2 to 3 months with 3 months being more the average.   So, prayerfully, we will be traveling to Ghana to see our precious little ones sometime in January, maybe sooner!  That may seem far away to many of you but after 18 months of excitement, tears, road blocks, detours, tears, joy, fear...3 months is a balm to my heart.  In 3 months I will see this amazing country my children were born in.  In 3 months I will smell, taste, and live their culture.  In 3 months I will look into two sets of dark brown eyes.  I will breathe in the sent of two precious beings the Lord has brought to our family.  I will touch, hug, squeeze two little people who have lived far too long without a mother or father.  In 3 months our family of 6 will grow to a family of 8.  *SIGH*  3 months....

"Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the earth hear HIS voice, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the people rejoice. O come to the Father through Jesus the Son and give HIM the GLORY, great things HE hath done!"

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