In May 2009 I had a tubal reversal.  In July 2009 I found out I was pregnant.  The Lord blessed us with this sweet little bundle on March 31st, 2010!
Ok, so this was a few days later but I am having a hard time finding all my pics!
It has been a very eventful year full of many blessings! 


Proud of his daddy

Exploring caves
Growing up so fast

Happy Thanksgiving
Merry Christmas

Hawaii~North Shore

Stay tuned for the First Birthday Picture....



"And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you."  Luke 11:9

I asked, I seeked and I knocked!!!  Month after month the answer was no!  I begged the Lord to bless us with another child, I just knew our family wasn't complete.  Still, the answer seemed to be "NO".  Then I asked for peace, I asked for the Lord to take the desire away.  Once again the answer was no.  Travis and I decided to take further action and make a doctors appointment to have things "checked out".  Shortly after making this appointment a couple events took place that OPENED a door and lead us down a different path. 

I had always thought of adoption as in "some day" that would be neat.  Travis thought the idea of it sounded great but more in a way of "that is what other people do".  We never dreamed this could be a reality for our family.  "Are you sure Lord?", is what I found myself asking over and over.  I mean, I did pray for another child, I just didn't think it would be this way.  We started doing some research and we were quickly discouraged by the cost!  How on earth would we ever come up with THAT much money?  Is it even possible?  Alas, all things are possible through Christ Jesus.  He had opened a HUGE door for us and all but pushed us through. Suddenly Trav's heart changed towards adoption and with the help, support and encouragement of another family (and with another VERY CLEAR sign from God) we have officially begun the adoption process.

Travis and I have chosen to cancel the aforementioned doctors appointment as we feel confident in Gods decision for us right now.  We can not do this without the support and prayers from our family and friends.  Quite honestly, we also cant do this without some financial support.  Our family is in need of your help.  Right now we have a donation button set up that is linked to our paypal account.  If you feel led to help us on this journey we would be very grateful.  We will also be starting a fundraiser in the next couple weeks.  I will provide the link on this blog once I have it. 

As we navigate the blog world I will be adding things here to help keep you updated on our progress.  Our hope and prayer is to have our child home by this time next year...if not sooner!  It is going to be a wonderful journey with God as our guide.