Ok folks, we are kicking off the Memorial weekend with our first fundraiser. We would like to run this for two weeks so please place you order by JUNE 1Oth.  These shirts were designed by another adpoptive mommy who is currently picking up here second child from South Korea.  We are so excited to have the chance to sell these shirts because we happen to think they are pretty AWESOME!  Below are the color choices:
Royal blue, black, red, pink
On the right side of the blog you will see the add to cart button.  Pick the size category you want and then click add to cart. This will take you to paypal.  Before hitting the pay now button look under your shipping address and you will see a line that says add special instructions to seller.  Click add and then list each shirt you want by size and color. If you want more than one shirt and they are different prices you will have to do a seperate transaction.  Shipping from Hawaii is slightly more expensive than in the mainland so I have added a $2.00 shipping fee to help cover these costs.  Also, you will notice two different pinks in the picture above.  The darker pink is for Infant/toddler sizes only. If you have any questions please let me know.  Thank you in advance for your support.



In the blog world you see Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and so forth.  I have decided to start a Seriously??? Saturday.  Between having  a somewhat larger family than normal, homeschooling, and now adopting there are some very interesting (and rude) comments that come about.   I am part of 2 different forums, one for large families and one for adoption, and in both these forums there are regular posts about comments that have been directed at different families.  Some of these comments are innocent but can still be annoying after the 20th time hearing them, some of these are uneducated responses coming from well meaning strangers and some are just plain, jaw dropping, eyes popping, unbelievably rude!  So, I thought I would share these comments that make you say...SERIOUSLY??? 

I will start with some of the "milder" comments such as: 

"Wow, you really have your hands full."  ~Technically, your hands would be full with two kids!  This is one I hear often and we only have 4 children.  I know "my hands" are full but my heart is not!  There is so much more love to give to any child the Lord sends my way, whether it be through birth or adoption.

Pertaining to home schooling:  "I could never do that, I dont have the patience."  I realize home schooling is not for everyone and it does take a lot of patience.  Let me tell you, I am NOT a patient person!  I also firmly believe that anyone who has been give the desire to home school CAN do it!  We can do all things through Christ! 

Last but certainly not least:  "Why dont you adopt a child from this country?"  I dont think there is really anything wrong with this question other than it really shouldn't matter where we adopt from.  There are many differences between international and domestic adoption and it is a very personal decision.  I do plan to blog about this question in the near future as I think it is a common and valid question.

I love to talk about my family and I do not mind friends, family or strangers asking questions.  There is a respectful way to ask these questions and honestly, sometimes it is just none of your business.

Have a blessed weekend!


Home Study COMPLETE!

Well, at least our part anyway!  We had our in home visit today and it went wonderfully.  I just love our social worker!  I thought there would be another office visit but that is not so.  Other than a couple more clearances our part is done.  Our SW (social worker) will have to get everything typed up now, which may take a while.  Thank you to the three wonderful ladies that were sent reference questionnaires.  Our SW said you all gave  "glowing" references!  Such a blessing. Hoping to be HSTK (Homes Study to Korea) by the end of June.  Then the wait begins.